Welcome to my website

My name is Bill Kennedy. This website is really more like a sandbox where I capture things I like and experiment with WordPress. If this site misbehaves at any time, it is probably because I’m trying something, but I’m not a good enough web developer to keep things from breaking.

Below are the types of things I am involved with now.

Software Consulting

This is what I have spent most of my career doing. I have been a founder of 2 technology companies that have been acquired, I have been CEO of another software company that was acquired, I have been on the Board of Directors and/or Board of Advisers of 6 other companies. This is the background that I leverage when I consult with technology start-ups.

This consulting is through the entity Sundogs Consulting Group – www.sundogscg.com.

Independent Christian Film

Through an arts ministry created by my wife and some of her friends, I have developed a real appreciation for filmmakers who are capturing redemptive stories through film. The main event organized by this ministry is The Attic Film Fest, going into its sixth season. Films are submitted by a pool of talented filmmakers from around the world.

Come join us at The Attic Film Fest – www.atticfilmfest.org.


I learned to sail late in life. Now I try to pass along the enjoyment of sailing through a company I have started with a friend that offers limited memberships on keel-boats on Lake Travis. We also offer Captained Charters as well as sailing lessons that can prepare you for bareboat charters in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or other destinations.

Check us out at Outbound Sailing – www.outboundsailing.com.